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Career opportunities

The Master 2 MITAT degree leads the graduates to a large variety of career opportunities in the field of air transport and tourism both at a national and international level. There is a wide range of companies and organisations that students can apply to:

  • air transport and tourism companies, and regional, national, international tourism administrations
  • Management in International Air Transport and Tourism
  • World Trade Organisation
  • Civil Aviation
  • Offices of Tourism,
  • Regional Committees and Tourism departments

Examples of positions held by successful alumni:

  • Administration manager or supervisor in tourism or air transport industries
  • Logistic management (passengers or cargo) within airline companies
  • Event creation management and regional heritage promotion
  • Public relations officer
  • Tourism product and services officer
  • Social media and promotion management
  • Front office supervisor
  • Project management in air transport and tourism companies
  • Marketing related positions in air transport or tourism related fields
  • Travel insurance officers
  • Customer relationship management
  • Tourism development management
  • Travel agency management
  • E-tourism, multimedia product development
  • Station manager
  • Product manager
  • Financial officer
  • Quality assurance management
  • Tourism or air transport research officer
  • Tourism analyst
  • Tour operations management
  • Ground-handling services
  • Travel consultancy working with hotel chains, resorts or tour operators
  • Chambers of Industry and Commerce

Further study opportunities:

After graduating, students can apply for PHD programmes which are funded by companies such as CIFRE in France or for scholarships from universities or international academic cooperation programs. For further information, please contact the International Relations Office at Paul Sabatier University

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