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25 janv.

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Employability skills

Scientific and technical skills

  • Develop and implement analytical tools related to aviation and tourism sectors.

  • Develop opportunities for new, innovative and more sustainable approaches to tourism.

  • Analyze current market trends, needs, product, and service gaps in tourism

  • Communicating with staff members at all levels about tourism sales, operational and service issues, workplace practices, policies and procedures;

  • Proficiency in English professional language for communication in air transport and tourism business.

  • Production of comprehensive, easily understood plans, policies, procedures and reports in English.

  • Participate in and present orally in clear and fluent English arguments in an appropriate context and with an effective logical structure.

  • Develop skills in a language other than French or English

  • Working within a team to achieve team goals, strategies and presentations. 

Additional skills

Using technologies, researching new and emerging technologies, developing skills and strategies required for implementing new business technologies within the tourism and air transport industries. (ICT resources: video conferencing, IT tools during the theoretical, professional and internship periods).



The combination, throughout the course of intensive internships in firms and academic training ensures a high level of professionalism. For example, international relations with European, and Asian universities

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