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The course is delivered over 12 months which includes an academic teaching period from September to March, which counts for 30 ECTS, and on a work placement period within a suitable company from April to September, which counts for 30 ECTS.

The MSc 2 Pro International Management in Air Transport and Tourism is composed of a total of 60 ECTS.

International management of Air Transport and Tourism is structured in four core modules, listed below:

- Methodology  and communication tools (EU 1): English and a second foreign language applied to business, professional communication, scientific and technical English;

- A conceptual and technical education on economics applied to air transport and tourism (EU2)  and air transport and tourism management (EU3)

- Sustained professionalization for project management (EU4)

- A professional training program (EU5)

All modules are compulsory.

First semester

UE 1- Methodology and communication tools - 9 ECTS

  • English and a second foreign language, or TOEIC

UE 2- Economics applied to air transport and tourism - 6 ECTS

UE 3 - Air Transport & Tourism Management - 9 ECTS

UE 4 - Project Management- 6 ECTS



Second semester


UE 5 - Professional Training Program (4 to 6 months)

- Practical training in a professional environment for a maximum of 24 weeks




To graduate

 Each EU may be subject to written and/or oral partial, continuous or final exams which are ongoing for the period of semester 1

  • Each unit is rated from 0/20 to 20/20.
  • 10/20 is the pass mark for each EU.
  • Each semester is acquired when the average scores for the various EU is greater than or equal to 10/20.
  • If a student scores less than 10/20 there is a second chance exam to be held in the beginning of September.




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